Thursday, October 20, 2011

Facebook in Real Life

I'm pretty positive there's some homework that I should be doing right now. But instead, I will blog. I'm sick of homework. But that's not the point of this post. I want to tell you about an incredibly creative and entertaining party I went to last Friday. It was a Facebook in Real Life Party. Seriously. We got there and had to create a Facebook profile with a t-shirt! Let me give you an idea through these pics of my shirt:
So this is my Facebook's got my name and status and my relationship status and available to chat icon...notice the like button stickers too. :D Also my dear sister was kind enough to write some Facebook spam on it too.
We added friends by talking to an admin. I'd request somebody and they'd run off and find that person and say, "Brooke has sent you a friend request. Do you accept or ignore?" Most people accepted except one mean Badger who didn't want any friends. Then the admin would write the name of your new friend on your sleeve. I had quite a good number of friends. Sometimes the admins complained that I was crashing the system.

People could write on our "walls." My favorite was a picture shared of a chameleon doing a dance in a slaughter house. Yes, very original.

They had some other Facebook-y things like layout changes (you had to wear your shirt backwards) and ads (I'm not totally sure why so many admins wanted to give me ads. Some people didn't have any. But I felt special. After all, who doesn't want to advertise for and Old Spice?!)

They had other activities like pin the like sticker on Mark Zuckerberg and throw darts at Google+ and they had a bonfire burning MySpace logs. We also had a dance party outside. And the hosts served hot Kool-aid and popcorn, a staple in that household. If you don't get the hot Kool-aid thing, I'll be happy to enlighten you. Overall it was a super fun time! Mark Zuckerberg would be proud.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Orange October

I have a relatively new love for the color orange. And so I switched things up a little around here. Orange is more fallish, right? Even when it's super bright...? Maybe. It's definitely still fabulous, although I seem to remember Sharpay telling Tiara Gold to get rid of any orange in her wardrobe. Oh well. I'm not Sharpay. I'm me.

I LOVE October. I love Fall, I love General Conference, I love pumpkins, I love pumpkin flavored foods, I love leaves, I love the mountains, I love the cooler weather, I love love love it! So fabulous! The only thing I haven't loved is the snow covering the pretty colors on the mountain. Come on, Utah. Couldn't we enjoy autumn just a while longer? I think this is the first summer I've actually enjoyed the weather ever so we'll see how well I do with cold again.

All sorts of crazy awesomeness going on lately. Besides October's arrival.

September 30 I hit my one year home from the mission mark. That was crazy. To celebrate, I got together with all my mission friends...well most of my mission friends at our reunion! Way awesome way to commemorate the day, huh? It hardly seems like it's been a year and yet at the same time it seems much longer. I wanted to write a post on what I've done in the past year on that day but obviously that didn't happen. I pretty much came home from school, made brownies, and left for the reunion which we got to way late because we got super lost. Fun times.

October 1 and 2 we got to enjoy General Conference! I absolutely love GC. It's the best. I came more prepared than I have been the last couple times and it was absolutely wonderful. You might even say it was fabulous. I got to go to the first session at the Conference Center with some friends in my ward. We had fabulous seats, that's for sure. Even better than the fabulous seats I had the week before going to the Relief Society General Meeting. (I probably didn't write about that either, did I? Oh well. It was great.) I feel so spoiled getting to go to these things. So delightful. And the good seats, well, I'm just a VIP I guess.

It's BYU's Homecoming Week (Geaux Cougs!) and last night I went with my bff Leah to the Homecoming Spectacular with Tony Award Winner Brian Stokes Mitchell. He was amazing. And the BYU groups were amazing. As usual.

Speaking of BYU groups, shout out to Vocal Point on The Sing Off! Dang they are good. I just love them! I hope they win. That'd be cool. What else is cool? I got tickets to their concert in November. Yeah baby!

I'm swooning.

School is school. My awesome computer programming class just got ridiculously hard and I have absolutely no clue how to do my current assignment. How fun is that? I worked on it a while today but gave up after a while. Got too frustrated. So I checked my email and found out that my Spanish class was cancelled because my teacher was sick and so I got to go home early! Yes! The best day ever! I went to the temple and then to the grocery and now I'm home...can't decide if I want to chill here tonight or go find something to do. I probably should clean my room...and if I work on homework tonight there's less to do tomorrow. We'll see.

I feel like there's something else to share, but this is probably long enough already. If you made it through all those ramblings, good job. You are awesome. If you didn't, well, you're still awesome, but you don't know it because you didn't read this.

Happy October, y'all!