Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Box

Once upon a time, a guy in my ward, Adam, broke his finger. I made him cookies and took them to his apartment. I had oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for him, but also had Jello cookies I was going to take to another apartment. Well, I never made it to that other apartment. I stayed and talked with Adam and a couple of his roommates. And they ate the Jello cookies. And they liked them. And I liked these people who became known as "The Box." But sadly, I didn't hang out with them very much.
Then summer came. The group I hung out with the most frequently all disappeared to various parts of the world. So I needed new friends. My roommate, Kathi, was part of The Box, so I joined her. These great men took me in and it's been great. We are in the same FHE group, dinner group, and a couple of the roommates are even my home teachers. I like it. 
The Box is great. They've introduced me to Nacho Libre, Lost, and Batman. My world will never be the same. I love it. Also, this whole dinner group thing is awesome. Why have I never done it before? This I just don't know. The members of The Box have really helped me a lot this summer. I'm really grateful for them. There's been a lot of laughter. Lots of quotes. Lots of memories. And where else would I get to hear a great debate about who would win in a face-off between Darth Vader and Batman?