Saturday, March 16, 2013

Being a Working Girl

Sup.'s been a while since I blogged. That's pretty much because I didn't have anything exciting to blog about for a while, and then I got a job. And when I got that job, I didn't want to blog because I was writing all day.

But it's Saturday today so let me tell you about my job!

I got a job with Marketecture, a company which makes it easy to make and market your own website. They've created a website builder that is pretty simple to use and has everything you could want, which most similar types of things only have parts of: like e-commerce from one place, marketing from another, but with Marketecture it's everything rolled into one. Anyway, you can either buy the builder to create your own website, or you can say "here, make me a website," and that's where I come in. For people who want us to create site for them, I write the content. So the "welcome to our website, we sell this and this and this" stuff, then descriptions of the categories of stuff they want to sell, and then we do a blog post for them of about 500 words to get them started. It's pretty fun. Sometimes after writing all day I feel pretty dead but I sure learn a lot of random stuff.

Some of the things I've written about: camping gear (repeatedly), grills, outdoor fountains, outdoor furniture, cat supplies, pet carriers, home brewing kits, coffee makers, garden tractors, leather jackets, motorcycle stereos, horse supplies, play kitchens, toddler toys, pink products, all made in the USA products, sand blasters, pilot clothing, and more. Yep. I know all sorts of random things now.

Work is good. I like the company a lot. And I get free drinks and pebbled ice and oatmeal or Ramen as much as I want. And I work with a bunch of nerds so that's pretty fun. Sometimes we have nerf gun fights. So it's pretty great! I'm loving working there.