Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy (Rather Belated) Birthday

Remember back when I had a birthday? It was a while ago...but I delayed blogging about it because I wanted pictures...and it took me a while to get them! However, I had a birthday and it was a lot of fun! My roommie Kenyon made me a delicious cake and she cleaned the apartment, which was a nice surprise. And my dear friend Stephers saw me on campus and after announcing to everyone in the JFSB quad that it was my birthday, she decided we needed to celebrate, so we sent out a text to the ward and a group of us went to Pizza Pie Cafe that night. It was so fun! This is a picture of the group and one of me with my birthday crown if you look carefully. Stephers gave it to me. :) She's the best...and she's going to serve a mission! She'll be the best missionary ever. :D Love her to death.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everyday Heroes

Today was the Unforum on BYU campus. It wraps up the year. I was a few minutes late, but I fortunately arrived in time to see Vocal Point perform a couple of songs. I think they were the best part of the forum, easily. McKay talked about everyday heroes a little bit and how on The Sing-Off they tried to a light to the world by being themselves, since they couldn't exactly sing hymns to share who they were. As he talked about that, I started thinking about the small acts of heroism I see every day. The everyday heroes that probably don't even know they're being heroes.

The guy who realized I was coming, so went back to the door to open it for me.
The girl who smiles so big and bright every time I see her, which recently has been quite a few times!
The friend who greets me like seeing me is the best thing she's experienced all day.
The amiga who compliments my yellow shirt.
The many who compliment my yellow headband.
The ward member who sang "You are my sunshine" to me the other day.
The classmate who emailed to say what I missed in class.
The teacher who pushes back a due date.
The friend I haven't seen in years who wrote on my Facebook wall.
The person who sent me a quick friendly text.
The classmate who helped me figure out a project idea.
The roommate who gets up in the morning just to give me a ride to work.
The woman who held the elevator a few extra seconds so I could get on.
The mom who sends an Easter basket of goodies.
The dad who calls to say hello.
The Bishop's wife who spent hours preparing food for a ward activity.
The visiting teacher who brings by some cookies.
The friend who offers to teach in Relief Society.
The roommate who let me share her date to the ward dance.
The brothers who let me invade their house all the time.
The friends who give a great hugs.
The classmate who spent extra time on my group project.
The one who listens.
The one who cares.
The one who loves.

Everyday heroes. They're everywhere. Making the world a little brighter.