Saturday, October 25, 2014

Making of the Monster Mash at Marketecture

So one of the quirks of working for Marketecture is Halloween is a super big deal. It's because it's one of the exec's favorite holiday. So we go all out in a Cubicles of Death decorating contest. This year my group worked ridiculously hard to bring you the Monster Mash. We decided on our theme on Friday. My roommate happened to be gone for the weekend, so it seemed like the perfect time to get started, and I dragged out the cardboard to cut out these gates:
 Saturday the craziness continued, and I crafted a coffin for Dracula:

I painted them in the next couple days. Meanwhile, back at the office, Amberly was hard at work cutting out bats, which were then hung...lots and lots of bats. I think almost 300 bats. Yeah. Crazy. We also worked on putting together a graveyard. (While not specifically mentioned in the song, doesn't a graveyard seem to belong?)

We spread the rumor that we were doing Nicholas Cage Halloween and the bats and graveyard was all part of National Treasure. People really believed it. But we didn't want our secret to get out, because our secret plan was to make a music video, and we didn't want to give anyone ideas. So we didn't do a lot at first on the lab, master bedroom where the vampires feast, or the monsters during that week.

Amberly, her husband, her friend, and I came in on Saturday to create our big monsters on the windows. If you'd told me last year I'd come in on Saturday to decorate for Halloween I would have laughed in your face. The crazies have gotten me.

I started out with the castle:

Amberly and co started with the monsters. I had previously drawn out monster options for them to work off of and they turned out pretty well! Once I finished the castle, I mostly helped by rolling tape, because boy did we go through tape.

Finally, we added smaller monsters down the backs of a row of cubicles. I don't have a picture of them out, but I do have this from when I was creating them:

We finished up the lab, with some bottles and vases and some pictures I drew of more vials and such, and we had a bubble machine for the music video. We also had the coffin, candles, and glasses of "blood" in the vampire's bedroom. Plus, we took the Darth Vader toy and made him into Dracula, with a red collar and fang teeth. 

Here's a photo of the whole area: 

You can even see Drac Vader in the back there, if you look closely. All the gravestones have funny things on them too, courtesy of Victoria on our team.

The final step was the making of the music video, which was a lot of fun. It's cheesy, but what do you expect in a video we made in a couple hours? We got our CEO, Ollie, to star in it and all dressed up as various monsters. Stayed late on Monday night and got some help from spouses even to get it done. You can see our video on Marketecture's Facebook page, link below.

So as you can see, we worked really hard. And we need votes so we can win this thing! Team 1 did Doctor Who, and they've been trash talking the whole time about how they're going to win it. They feel so confident, they haven't even put up their pictures and video yet. So vote for Team 2! And tell your friends to vote too! Just go to the Marketecture page on Facebook, find our pictures and our video, and like each one (5 pics, 1 video) and you can help us win! We really appreciate it!

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  1. So was holding that trophy worth all the time and effort?